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Gillingham Approves Cutting Cyber School

Gillingham Approves Cutting Cyber School

The Gillingham Charter School is cutting cyber school for the 2012-13 school year.

During the board of trustees meeting Thursday, the board approved ...

Teen Trims Light Bill With Science Know-How

Teen Trims Light Bill With Science Know-How

MINERSVILLE - A Minersville Area High School senior helps pay his family's light bill but not with a part-time job.

While most teenagers are spending their spare time either watching TV or playing video games, Wyatt Murphy, 18, of Minersville, is working on becoming the next Nikola Tesla.

Just as Tesla was trying to develop new forms of energy, so is Murphy, who recently won the Schuylkill Keep It Pretty's annual Science Fair Competition in April at Penn State Schuylkill with his solar panel project.

The project consisted of 14 solar panels that are set up in the backyard at his home near Kings Village Plaza, which offset energy costs and provide backup power in the event of an outage.

Murphy said he only made 13 of the solar panels on his family's property and they bought one to see how it compared.

The pre-made panel was slightly more efficient.

While Murphy won the competition in April with his solar project, it wasn't his first sho

Charter School: Gillingham - Completes First Year

Charter School:  Gillingham - Completes First Year

The books are closed. The exams are taken.

Gillingham Charter School celebrated the completion of its first year of existence Tuesday. Students, teachers, school officials and volunteers had a picnic, signed yearbooks and planted a dogwood tree.

"The whole idea with the yearbook is 'Taking Root,' so that represents our inaugural year," Nicolle M. Hutchinson, director of education and CEO, said. "We planted the tree to commemorate our first year and to watch it grow as we grow."

The family of Tobin Zartman, a sixth-grader at the charter school, donated the tree.

Hutchinson said that Gillingham came a long way in one year, as Thursday is also the charter school's birthday.

On June 7, 2011, the State Charter Appeals Board, Harrisburg, unanimously approved the charter for the Gillingham Charter School Collaborative.

Shenandoah Valley Aims to Start its Own Cyber-Charter School

Shenandoah Valley Aims to Start its Own Cyber-Charter School

SHENANDOAH - The Shenandoah Valley School District could become home to its own cyber-charter school, according to the district's superintendent.

"Shenandoah Valley Virtual Academy" was a possible name for the idea raised by Stanley G. Rakowsky during Wednesday's school board meeting.

"The initiative that we've been working on with a lot of intensity recently is the idea of responding to the needs of the students in the Shenandoah Valley School District and how we can best serve them and serve the needs of the school district," Rakowsky said.

Rakowsky said there are 45 students in the district who are attending public charter schools.

"This number of students translates into some $600,000 being included in the proposed 2012-13 operating budget," Rakowsky said. "In other words, 45 of our kids do not want to go to our school and are going to public charter schools. They have the right by state law and advocated by Gov. (Tom) Corbett.

Shenandoah Valley Welcomes 'Peace Pole'

Shenandoah Valley Welcomes 'Peace Pole'

SHENANDOAH - Shenandoah Valley students and faculty attended the dedication Monday of the Peace Pole at the school and sent a strong message: "May peace prevail on Earth."

Elementary and high school students gathered at the main high school entrance for the dedication ceremony of the four-sided Peace Pole, which is located at the south wall outside the gymnasium.

The project chairman was senior Brandon Swantek, who put the event together with fellow seniors Nick Merva and Chris Palubinsky, assisted by teacher adviser Barbara Boyer.

"My teacher (Boyer) and I were trying to figure out what to do for 'Stand Against Racism Day,' and we were searching and found the Peace Pole," said Swantek before the program.