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Assault Reported in Mall Restroom

A teenager reported she was assaulted by a man in a bathroom at the Schuylkill Mall and police said it could be the second time something like that happened in a month.

According to state police, the 16-year-old girl went into a bathroom stall Saturday evening and a man followed her in, went into the stall and assaulted her.

Police searched the mall but could not find the man.  Investigators said his description matches that of another man wanted for a similar assault March 8 in the same bathroom.

Troopers released a composite sketch created only from the teenager’s description of the man.

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Man Charged with Kidnapping Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman has been released from the hospital after she was kidnapped Wednesday afternoon in Hazleton.

A Luzerne County man is locked up and accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting the woman, who Hazleton police said jumped out of a moving car going around 40 miles per hour just to get away.

Investigators said Carlos Cortes, 26, of Hazleton kidnapped and sexually assaulted the22-year-old woman who was four months pregnant.

Police said the incident happened around 3:15 p.m. Wednesday as the woman was walking alone in the area of Fulton Court near East Diamond Avenue in Hazleton.

Officials said Cortes pulled up in an older model, dark blue Ford Taurus.

“Forces her into a vehicle. He then drives her out of the city to an area in the township, during that time, touching her inappropriately,” said Detective Joseph Labert, with Hazleton police.

Candlelight Vigil To Remember Fire Victims

A community in Schuylkill County came together Wednesday night to remember the mother and three children who died in a massive fire.

A sea of candles lit the sidewalk of East Coal Street in Shenandoah in front of the row home that is now the scene of a deadly fire.

More than 100 people came out to remember Tiffany Sanchez, her 10-year-old son Christian and her two nephews, Damian Lopez, 10, and 7-month-old Aziah Hernandez who were all killed in an early morning blaze Tuesday.

“It’s just a tragedy. It’s sad to lose any life but I think when it’s a child, it’s worse,” said Joyce Menjivar. “(It) makes you realize how precious life is and it can be lost in seconds.”

The only survivor was Sanchez’s 8-year-old son, Diego, who escaped through a second-floor window.

Many who came out were friends of the boys.

“They were so nice to me and were always there for me and now they can’t be,” said Alexa Menjivar.

Memorial Grows at Scene of Shenandoah Tragedy

A vigil is planned for Wednesday night for the woman and three children who died Tuesday in a fire in Schuylkill County.

It comes as investigators search for the cause of the deadly blaze.

Investigators were at the scene of a fire Wednesday which claimed the lives of a woman and three children in Shenandoah.

So were friends, family and others who stopped by to mourn the loss of four who were killed.

Four row homes were destroyed by flames in Shenandoah and all day people came to a make shift memorial being built on the porch of one particular house.

They left balloons, flowers and candles.

An electronic memorial is being built on Facebook.

People are grieving the loss of Tiffany Sanchez, her son, 10-year-old Christian, and two nephews, seven-month-old Aziah and 10-year-old Damien.