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Hit and Run Suspect Turns Herself in | News

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Hit and Run Suspect Turns Herself in

Surveillance pictures caught a hit and run on camera Monday in Saint Clair.

Officers said a woman was hit and seriously hurt by a driver who took off.

Authorities in Schuylkill County filed charges against the suspect.

A 75-year-old woman was hit by an SUV in Saint Clair. Court papers said the driver stopped and heard the woman's moaning and then took off.

“It's a tragedy. We're rooting for her, we hope she comes through this ok. From what we understand at this point she has very serious injuries and we will follow up with her and see what her status is,” said Saint Clair Police Chief Michael Carey.

Court papers said Joan Trayah of Palo Alto admitted being responsible for the hit and run.

Police said after running down the woman, Trayah reported to her job at a bar in Saint Clair.

It was a surveillance camera at the bar that recorded the crime.

“Everybody's conscience differs. I don't believe a reasonable person could have done that and it's troubling that could have occurred,” said Carey.

“They should be in jail and that's the way that I think. You know, you do something wrong, there's a jail here in Pottsville and you should go,” said Bob Boris of East Norwegian Township.

Court papers state the night of the crime police questioned people in the bar. Trayah denied knowing anything.

“It's typical behavior of someone who is involved in a crime that's why we don't leave any leads fall through,” said Saint Clair Police Sergeant William Dempsey.

Investigators said the owner of the bar Dan Jenkins suspected his bartender, confronted her and Trayah confessed. He then called police.

After turning herself in, police said Trayah told them "I thought I ran over a log or something." But then Trayah said she saw the woman lying there moaning.

Trayah could be facing more charges. Police told the judge that if the victim dies, she could face a homicide by vehicle charge.


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