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Making Pysanky Eggs

Watch as Carol Rick of Purely Pysanky in Hawley keeps alive the intricate tradition of Ukranian Pysanky eggs.

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Ashland Body Works ~ If your car isn’t becoming to you, it should be coming to us.

Springtime/Easter Planter

Creative garden designer Keith Phelps makes a lovely Easter planter, perfect for any springtime occasion.

Get Ready for Pool Season

Sunny skies and hot weather are just around the corner, we visit Doctor Feelgoode’s Pools and Spas to see how you can turn your backyard into an oasis with the perfect pool and maintenance.

Authentic Italian Easter Dinner

Treat yourself to an authentic Italian Easter dinner at A Little Pizza Heaven in Scranton.  Chef Darryl prepares Pastid and Manicotti.

Pastid (Macaroni Pie)
1. ..cook one pound linguine al dente,  drain reserving 1 cup pasta water.
2…add 1 tablespoon of Shortening to pasta to melt
3…beat 1 dozen eggs well, add 1 1/2 heaping cups of Pecorino and 1 tsp coarse black pepper.
4…mix eggs, cheese and pasta water with pasta.
5….pour mixture into well-greased 9×13 pan
6…bake one hour uncovered at 350 degrees


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Gordon Observes Good Friday with the Cross Walk

GORDON — Every year on Good Friday a procession of neighbors and church goers walk prayerfully through the streets of Gordon.

“Just a way to bring Good Friday to people who can’t get out of their house that are shut in. To remind people of what happened today.” said Ed Labie a member of the United Methodist Church.

It’s the 36th year Simpson United Methodist Church in Gordon has trekked through the streets with the cross in observance of Good Friday. Members dressed in costume. Mother Mary, two soldiers and in between them, barefoot with a twisted crown of thorns, for the fifth year in a row, Jeffrey Nemeth portrays Jesus carrying the cross to Calvary.

“Still emotional everytime. It means a lot.” said Nemeth.

Good Friday is a very solemn day for Christians. Grace May came from Ashland to see the procession in Gordon. It was an emotional experience.

Schuylkill County Clerk Of Courts Sends Letter To Governor

POTTSVILLE — This was the day that Schuylkill County’s clerk of courts was supposed to resign in an investigation that he allegedly misused public money

County officials waited all day for him to return to his office, pack his things, and leave.

We waited all day for Stephen Lukach but he never showed up to get his things. However, the assistant district attorney says Lukach sent his letter of resignation to the governor.

So as of Friday, Lukach is no longer the clerk of courts in Schuylkill County.

The office waited all day for clerk of courts Stephen Lukach but by the end of the day, he was a no show.  Lukach was supposed to come in for his belongings because he planned to resign instead.

“Mr. Lukach has sent a letter to the Governor of Pennsylvania saying that he will cease to be the acting clerk of courts,” said Schuylkill County Assistant District Attorney Maria Casey.

Clerk Of Courts Office Raided

SCHUYLKILL COUNTY — Authorities now believe that the clerk of courts in Schuylkill County could have misused hundreds of thousands of dollars, some for his own personal use.

On Wednesday, investigators gathered evidence from his office in Pottsville to build their case. FBI and state police carried boxes filled with documents out of the Clerk of Courts office in Schuylkill County.

It’s evidence the district attorney hopes will provide more information about the allegations against Clerk of Courts Stephen Lukach. He’s worked for the county for 26 years.

“There has been swirling suspicion of theft of services. So, there would be potential charges filed for theft of services,” said Schuylkill County District Attorney Christine Holman.