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Authorities Investigating Apartment Fire

TAMAQUA — Police are investigating Wednesday night flames at an apartment home in Schuylkill County.

Firefighters were called out to the place on West Broad Street in Tamaqua around 10:30 p.m.

The video is from TamaquaArea.com.

Police are investigating how the flames started.

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Two CEOs Charged With Illegal International Trading

Two companies in two counties in our area stand accused by the federal government of illegally shipping equipment to countries with ties to terrorism.

The investigations are separate, but the U.S. Attorney`s Office has charged the companies and their CEOs with similar crimes.

Two men, heads of different companies in two counties, have been indicted in two separate investigations through the U.S. Attorney`s Office, both involving illegal international trade.

In one investigation in Schuylkill County, federal prosecutors allege Helmut Oertmann, the CEO of Hetran, Incorporated sent equipment to Iran.

They said the company, located near Orwigsburg, shipped a 50,000 pound machine, known as a horizontal lathe that makes parts for cars and airplanes and was valued at $800,000.

Tamaqua Council Member Wants Trail Cleaned Up

TAMAQUA — Tamaqua police say mounds of trash are piling up on a back road behind Tamaqua Area High School because people keep illegally dumping there.

The back road at the top of Coal Street in Tamaqua is covered in filth.

Community members say they’re tired of looking at it.

“Mattresses, old decorations, and tires, basically any trash they need to dump is behind my house,” said Tawnie Gerber from Tamaqua.

The mess is right behind Gerber’s home in Tamaqua. She says piles of tires and other trash have been piling up for years.

Police say it’s because people continue to dump illegally.

”It was never a problem when I was younger, but last summer when my family went for a walk with the dogs we saw it. It’s definitely grown since last summer,” said Gerber.

Walkers who make their way up the road will find even bigger piles of trash that are behind the Tamaqua Area baseball field.

Local Firms Accused Of Illegal Trade With Terrorist Nations

Federal investigators say two companies from our area were illegally shipping equipment to Syria and Iran.

Indictments released on Wednesday accuse one of those companies, based in Susquehanna County, of illegally shipping chemical weapon detectors to Syria

The head of that company, Harold Rinko of Hallstead, has agreed to plead guilty to a conspiracy that he acquired products for chemical weapon detection here in the United States and then worked to send them to Syria.

It is forbidden for these products associated with chemical warfare to be shipped to that country.

Examples of the type of products sold:

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Missing Girl in Schuylkill County Found

UPDATE WEDNESDAY: The girl was found safe in Pottsville.

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN — A dive team in Schuylkill County spent Tuesday night looking for a missing girl.

Authorities said a 14-year-old girl went missing in Schuylkill Haven after 9 p.m.

Police officers and members of the fire department searched along the Schuylkill River and in the borough.

If you have any details on the whereabouts of the missing girl, please call Schuylkill Haven Police at 570-385-9111.

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